BroadBit’s core competence is solution development for advanced Automated Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, and Railway transportation systems. Our team has strong background and expertise in developing high quality ICT and energy solutions in the transportation sector. We offer advanced products for data connectivity applications or energy storage technologies, along with complementing testing or training services.

Main references in the Connected Vehicles domain:
  • Contribution to the specification and standardization of wireless Geo-Networking V2X protocols and V2X applications at ETSI ITS, with regular support of their interoperability test events planning
  • Solution development for precise vehicle positioning through cooperative GNSS technology
  • Coordination of research on extended V2X communication protocols facilitating connected Automated Driving (AutoNet2030 project)

Main references in the Electric Vehicles domain:
  • Coordination of V2G technology prototyping for grid-negotiated EV recharging, and its integration with Smart-Metering technologies (PowerUp project)
  • Coordination of ‘EV recharging spot reservation’ protocol standardisation at ETSI ITS
  • Specification of V2G Conformance Testing suite based on the ISO/IEC 15118-2 protocol, with contributions to its TTCN-3 implementation, standardisation at IEC TC 69, and validation in the e-Dash project
  • Nomadic device application for EV-specific multi-modal journey planning and guidance, with integrated re-charging spot reservation capability
  • Development of next generation supercapacitor and battery technology for cost-effective and high-performance Electric Vehicles (ongoing R&D effort)

Main references in the Connected Trains domain:
  • Fail-safe and Gigabit-capable Ethernet-over-Coax technology for on-board connectivity in coax-cabling equipped trains

Main references in the Marine domain:
  • Contribution to the specification of standardized Interoperability Testing of marine DSC radios at ETSI ERM TG26
  • Passive Ethernet-over-Coax technology for easy on-board connectivity in cruise ships

BroadBit is a member of ETSI and of the ASN.1 Consortium.

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