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BroadBit Test Tool released

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BTT - BroadBit Test ToolBroadBit offers the power and efficiency of TTCN testing for the IT and Telecom industry! Release 1 of BroadBit Test Tool (BTT) is published as a free software; enabling all software test engineers to add it into their toolbox.

Training support is available through, and support for custom interfaces and software package can be requested through


  • Support of basic TTCN-3 syntax
  • Support of both binary and ASN.1 based definitions
  • Easy mapping between port definitions and port handlers
  • Port handlers included for generic sockets, such as Ethernet, UDP, or Unix sockets.
  • Platform independent

BTT is a comprehensive TTCN tool for conformance and protocol testing supports both Binary and ASN.1 layers! (Requires also Objective Systems’ asn1c tool for ASN.1 testing)

See more: BTT – BroadBit Test Tool product page
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September 1st, 2009 at 12:37 pm