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BTT – BroadBit Test Tool

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BTT - BroadBit Test ToolBroadBit offers the power and efficiency of TTCN testing for the IT and Telecom industry! Release 1 of BroadBit Test Tool (BTT) is published as a free software; enabling all software test engineers to add it into their toolbox.

Training support is available through, and support for custom interfaces and software package can be requested through


  • Support of basic TTCN-3 syntax
  • Support of both binary and ASN.1 based definitions
  • Easy mapping between port definitions and port handlers
  • Port handlers included for generic sockets, such as Ethernet, UDP, or Unix sockets.
  • Message filtering capability, based on either log-file processing or live interface capture.
  • Easy generation of an ASN.1 test message or sequence of test messages
  • HTML visualization or CSV export of test data
  • Platform independent, open source

BTT is a comprehensive TTCN tool for conformance and protocol testing. It supports both Binary and ASN.1 layers! (ASN.1 handling builds upon Objective Systems’ asn1c tool)

BTT has been tested on Linux, OpenSolaris, Windows, and OSX (Snow Leopard) operating systems.

Download: btt_1.3.tar.bz2 or

Anthony Wiles’ introductory words about TTCN from ‘An Introduction to TTCN-3’ book:

TTCN first saw the light of day as a fledgling language in the mid-1980s. Since then, it has arguably progressed to be the de facto standardized language for writing test specifications. Here at ETSI, TTCN is the cornerstone of many complex test specifications, covering a wide range of technologies, including GSM, UMTS, VoIP, ISDN, WiFi, and cordless telephony (DECT) … The essence of TTCN-3 is really quite simple, which partly explains its increasing popularity.

BroadBit Test Tool architecture diagram:


BroadBit Test Tool architecture diagram for the case of ASN.1 based applications:


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