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ASN.1 Testing with TTCN training

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ttcn-logoBrief course description and Objectives: ‘ASN.1 Testing with TTCN’ explains how to test ASN.1 based systems and applications through a standardized test methodology. Students learn how to write TTCN test modules and how to set up the testing environment. In the hands-on part students practice comprehensive conformance testing of a prepared ASN.1 application server.

At the end of the course students will be able to: describe the concept of conformance testing, create and interpret TTCN test scripts, set up the testing environment with TTCN and ASN1C software tools. The hands-on exercises are designed for test engineers to practice conformance testing of realistic ASN.1 transactions.

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Intended audience
This course is suitable for test engineers who will be working with ASN.1 based applications and systems, and test managers who need to get an overview of conformance testing process and related productivity tools.

Familiarity with ASN.1 theory.

Course duration
1 days hand-on

Course thematics
1. Why is standardized test language needed?
2. Conformance testing concept
3. Anatomy of a TTCN module
4. Overview of TTCN syntax
5. Setting up and configuring the test environment
6. Exercise: testing of an ASN.1 based application server

Training equipment requirements
– Classroom with projector
– Each participant has computer with internet access and SSH client installed

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