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ASN.1 Training

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Brief course description and Objectives: ‘ASN.1 Training’ explains the need for a standardized message syntax. Students learn how to interpret the ASN.1 formatted transaction descriptions. the differences between different encoding rules are explained. In the hands-on part students practice configuring and integration ASN.1 tools for software implementation and troubleshooting.

At the end of the course students will be able to: describe the advantages of ASN.1 based syntax, interpret and edit ASN.1 based message specifications, work with ASN.1 software implementation tools, work with testing tools. While the hands-on exercises are designed for C programming, it is straightforward to generalize all exercises for Java or PHP development environment.

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Intended audience
This course is suitable as an introductory course for technical experts who will be working with standardization involving ASN.1, implementing ASN.1 syntax based network applications, or troubleshooting ASN.1 syntax based network applications.

Basic C programming skills.

Course duration
2 days hands-on

Course thematics
1. Why is ASN.1 needed?
2. Understanding ASN.1 syntax
3. ASN.1 encoding rules
4. ASN.1 compilers and interpreters
5. Exercise: working with ASN.1-formatted transactions in C source development
6. Exercise: capture and analysis of ASN.1 transactions with WireShark

Training equipment requirements
– Classroom with projector
– Each participant has computer with internet access and SSH client installed

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