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Overview of our training courses:

ASN.1 Training’ explains the need for a standardized message syntax. Students learn how to interpret the ASN.1 formatted transaction descriptions. the differences between different encoding rules are explained. In the hands-on part students practice configuring and integration ASN.1 tools for software implementation and troubleshooting. … more

ASN.1 Testing with TTCN’ training course explains how to test ASN.1 based systems and applications through a standardized test methodology. Students learn how to write TTCN test modules and how to set up the testing environment. In the hands-on part students practice comprehensive conformance testing of a prepared ASN.1 application server. … more

GSM System Training’ explains the system architecture defined by GSM standards, and the role of each network component. The course goes through each standardized interface. Student learn principal network functionality of the overall system and see data flow examples of various GSM services across involved network components. … more

Introduction to iPhone programming’ teaches students the basics of iPhone application development. Programmers will learn how to set up the application development environment, will understand the utilization of most important iPhone capabilities, and will be able to use Apple’s SDK references for their further software development work. … more

Mobile IPv6’ explains the principles of mobility management in IPv6 networks, describes the new functionality that is added to IP networks for mobility support, introduces performance and security issues, and goes through detailed mobility transaction examples. … more

PHP programming’ teaches the basics of PHP programming language. Students learn the differences and advantages of PHP based software development, as well as the setup of PHP environment. … more

SQL and Network programming with PHP’ focuses on two common application areas, where PHP-based software development is particularly efficient: SQL data processing and development of networked services over IP. Students learn the efficient use of PHP for software development in these areas. … more

TTCN Conformance Testing with the BroadBit Test Tool’ explains how to set up and execute conformance testing of systems and applications through a standardized test methodology. Students learn how to write TTCN test modules and how to set up the testing environment with the provided TTCN testing tool. The linking of abstract test suite to physical communications ports is explained in detail, as well as the practice of creating customized port handlers. … more

Understanding OSI layers’ goes through each protocol level in the 7-layered OSI networking model, explaining their role and capabilities through practical examples. The main objective is to deliver a thorough understanding of modern communications network design principles, as virtually all current networking systems are designed according to the OSI model. … more

WCDMA principles’ explains the radio interface defined by 3GPP WCDMA standards, highlighting the differences from GSM system. The course goes through the air interface structure and operation. Students will learn the necessary basics for subsequent system maintenance or network planning training. … more

Working with SQL’ explains the concept of relational databases, and teaches students to work with SQL through practical examples and exercises. … more

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