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Utilisation of existing co-axial cabling for in-house IP-TV data delivery

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One important issue that comes up with IP-TV installations is the arrangement of in-house data link from the internet router to the set-top-box(es). Traditional approaches involve the use of wifi-routers or powerline communications (PLC) adapters.

Many IP-TV operators start up their service by offering both of above options. In BroadBit’s experience, which relates to Central Europe, very few people choose wifi-routers because of their price and most customers find even PLC adapters too costly. Unless PLC adapter pricing is bundled into a service package offering, the majority of customers unhappily end up with having plain Ethernet cables running through their house.

However in many homes there is existing co-axial cabling in the walls, that may be utilized with a suitable adapter. BroadBit has developed such Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) adapters for IP-TV data delivery. This innovative solution is fully passive – no power supply is needed for the adapters – and much more cost efficient than any other alternative. Its initial deployment has been very popular with IP-TV customers.

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July 1st, 2010 at 1:18 pm

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