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BlackBox – GPS logger for automotive

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BroadBit releases and offers new, industry level automotive black-box (OBU: On Board Unit) for recording driving statistics and event details!

BroadBit_BlackBoxThe Automotive Black Box has following hardware features:

  • GPS sensor, sampling position at every second. Logged GPS data includes time information, vehicle position, vehicle speed, and GPS signal quality data (HDOP and number of satellites)
  • 3-axis accelerometer, sampling acceleration 50 times per second
  • Ignition input, which synchronizes unit power to ignition status so that start-up is automated and battery is not drained during days/weeks of standstill
  • Rugged metallic casing and automotive input connectors
  • Bluetooth radio for communicating logged data
  • Internal flash memory, data processing, and statistics generation

BroadBit-BlackBox-Accident_reconstructionLog reporting process may be started manually or automatically in the proximity of a reporting terminal. Provided Java based reporting applications can run on PCs, laptops, smart-phones, or PDAs. In the context of electronic tolling, this allows to set up auto-reporting terminals at:

  • Freight forwarder home bases
  • Petrol stations
  • Border crossings

Complementing server application visualizes reported log data:

  • Intuitive user interface allows querying events of interest or road utilization statistics
  • Enforcement data can be visualized on a map segment
  • Longitudinal and Lateral acceleration are graphically charted

Demo interface:

Written by BroadBit

August 1st, 2009 at 12:39 pm