TTCN/ASN.1 Test Software and Training

BroadBit helps customers to realize the power and efficiency of TTCN based testing. Test platforms are available for automotive communications interfaces, such as V2G and V2X. Support is available for customized adaptation of TTCN-3 tools to the given interface under testing. TTCN-3 training support is available through, and support for custom interfaces can be requested through

TTCN-3 based test case development and test tool integration capabilities:
  • Test case development in TTCN-3 syntax
  • Support of ASN.1 based interfaces
  • Support of XML based interfaces
  • TTCN compiler integration supported for generic sockets, such as Ethernet/UDP/TCP or custom designed sockets

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TTCN-3 compiler validation

For complex tests involving full-featured use of TTCN-3, it is essential to be certain that the selected TTCN-3 test tool works flawlessly; otherwise a test might be meaningless. More background on TTCN-3 compiler validation can be found here.