Lane-precision vehicle positioning software for 5.9 GHz communications units

BroadBit’s lane-precision vehicle positioning software is based on RTK technology. The solution employs complementing use of cellular wireless and 5.9 GHz V2X communications technologies. Cooperative Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication allows scalable distribution of position correction data to all vehicles, while Infrastructure-to-Vehicle communications allows 5.9 GHz-capable roadside units to directly distribute position correction data to nearby vehicles.
The precise knowledge of the driven lane is essential for the planning of automated maneuvers or the processing of relevant safety messages.

Our software is ported to leading 5.9 GHz wireless routers. Porting support to specific wireless routers is available upon request.
Exemplary precise distance measurement data between two vehicles while driving (blue), in contrast to plain GPS measurements (red):

Pasted Graphic