Image alt BroadBit Batteries is delighted to announce that its most important patent to date has been granted in the USA. The United States Patent and Trademark has granted BroadBit Batteries an extremely broad patent on it revolutionary metallic sodium battery technology and coverage includes cells made with sulfur-dioxide (SO2)-, amine- and ammonia (NH3)-based electrolytes and is not limited by the choice of cathode. The patent (US 15/764,860), entitled “Electrochemical Secondary Cells for High-energy or High-power Battery Use”, was approved for acceptance in the USA and is in national phase in other key jurisdictions worldwide. Regarding the news, BroadBit CEO, David Brown, stated: “This is our most important granted patent to date. It is the core patent of our extensive Sodium-Salt (Na-Salt) battery patent portfolio and provides us exceptionally broad protection, wide coverage and gives us freedom-to-operate for all our key Na-Salt battery variants: high-energy, high-power, high-efficiency and seasonal. With this patent in hand, the road ahead is clear and we at BroadBit plan to take full advantage to drive commercialization forward as fast as possible and to eventually displace Li-ion batteries as the technology of choice for future carbon-free energy and transportation solutions.”

About BroadBit:

BroadBit is a technology company developing revolutionary new batteries using novel cobalt-, nickel- and rare-Earth metal-free chemistries to power the future green economy. We have already made high performance industrial prototypes and are now commercializing the technology for next generation electric vehicles, portable electronics, starters and grid energy storage. Our batteries enable Increased range/use time, longer lifetime, reduced cost, improved environmental friendliness, improved operating temperature range, and scalability to any required production volume.